Where We Went: Asheville

One of my biggest goals for post-grad life was to explore more. Explore our city of Columbia, SC, and see more of the surrounding states.

This month Matt and I had the chance to visit Asheville, NC, with some friends and I can honestly say this is one of my new favorite places to go. (We left and were already trying to plan our next trip there.) I had never been before but the culture, arts and scenery hooked me from the minute we got there. Plus, the mountains reminded me a little of home.

In our two and a half days there we were able to:

We were able to see so much in our short weekend trip which made it so worth the drive!

Like I said, West Asheville was one of my favorite areas. It reminded me a lot of Little Five Points in Atlanta mixed with Upper King Street in Charleston. There were cute little coffee shops and restaurants (including Biscuit Head, which will probably be on our to-go list next time) and tons of eclectic stores (the boys in our group took advantage of comic shop and an arcade while the girls shopped and took pictures with murals). Downtown Asheville had a very similar vibe in that it was walkable, eclectic and very artsy (which is something I love and wish Columbia was more like).

Next trip, we’ll definitely be exploring more, taking tons of pictures and eating all the cheese again (highly recommend going to Looking Glass Creamery, plus they have goats). Until then, though, we’ll just be content with reminiscing and looking at the pictures we did take.

See you soon, Asheville. We’ll be back shortly.


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