My Go-To Guide For School Supplies

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Okay, I’m high key obsessed with school supplies. I love the smell of fresh notebooks makes me so happy and new sticky notes could literally make me cry. It’s probably one of my favorite things about summer coming to a close (besides sweater and cooler weather).

But, there is always the question: what do I actually need to be successful this fall?

After four years of college and my first season of post-grad life in the books I’ve come to this conclusion.

A Planner

As much as I love to have things digitally, I’m a big supporter of paper planners. They make it easy to lay things out, plan out major tasks and prioritize.

My favorite planner is the Passion Planner*. Since my junior year of college I’ve lived and died by my Passion Planner*. It has space for notes, a way to map out your whole year and each day is broken down by the half hour so you can write out your classes and other meetings. Now that I’m out of school, I still use it and prioritize tasks throughout the day (like things I need to accomplish before lunch and before I leave for the day).

Some other planners I’ve also heard good things about are:

Reliable Pens

Just like planners, I like taking notes via pen and paper. For me, when I take notes by hand I’m able to focus on the material more. But, in order to do so you need reliable and comfortable pens.

I have always loved these Bic Xtra Comfort pens* because they are easy to grip and are perfect for regular class notes. Sometimes though, when I’m wanting to seem really fancy, I like to switch to these Pilot Gel Roller Ball pens*. Both I still use to this day (I brought my own to work so I knew I had pens I like). I also know a lot of people who use Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip Markers* in their planners to add in fun colors or as headers in their notes.

Sticky Notes

I love sticky notes. I take notes on them, make to-do lists on them and leave them for myself so I don’t forget things. So, I say stock up on sticky notes like these from Post-It* or these*.

Portable Phone Charger

Okay, real talk, sometimes you have to check your phone during class or while you’re at work. We all do it. It’s okay (unless you have a professor who calls you out for it during class). A lot of times though you don’t have access to a plug to charge your phone throughout the day. My boyfriend introduced me to Mophie External Batteries*  and they’re a life saver if you’re on the go.

Also, don’t forget about a durable phone cord that you can throw in your bag or desk drawer with the charger, like this Amazon Basics Braided Nylon* one.

Washi Tape

Now, I just recently started using Washi Tape because I didn’t realize the potential for it. You can use this to block out chunks of time in your planner, decorate your notes or just craft with. Personally, I prefer non-foil Washi Tape like this* for my planner and notes because you can write on top of it but if you like all things shiny this* is definitely more your style.

Sturdy Notebooks

If you can’t tell, I’m all about hard copy notes. Like I said before, writing notes down helps me to focus on the material and gain more understanding (plus it can help you stay awake way easier if you’re recovering from a late night).

My day one notebook has to be the Five Star College Ruled Spiral Notebook*. They’re perfect for notes and the plastic-y cover makes them way more durable than other notebooks. But, if you want something a little more creative I also love the Decomposition Spiral Notebooks*. I even got myself a new Decomposition Notebook when I started my job so I could have a fun way to keep my notes.

If you can’t tell, I really love school supplies and could probably write a few more posts about it (which, honestly might happen). But to be truly successful, I think these are items you need in your bag whether you’re going to class, going to work or dabbling in both (you go sister).

Happy school supplies shopping!


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