4 Go-To Lipsticks

When it comes to my clothes I usually keep it pretty simple––neutrals, mainly black clothes, simple accessories. But, when it comes to my makeup I like to get a little bit more creative. I got into makeup really my senior year of high school after I got a job because I could start to buy different products on my own. I dabbled in fun eyeshadows, different foundation formulas (which was a little traumatic) and different lip colors.

I didn’t actually learn to apply lipstick correctly though until my sophomore year of college (it was a learning process let me tell you). I would say now it’s one of my favorite products to use on a daily basis.

I love a bold lip––berry, aubergine, ox blood, blue toned reds. I think its sassy, fun and, for me, channels all the witchy vibes. AND, you can keep the rest of your makeup relatively simple. A dash of mascara, eye brow fill, foundation and bing bam boom! You’re done!

So, what are my go-to lipsticks to wear on the daily?

First, there’s the NYX Liquid Suede lipstick in Vintage. This one I wear the most because it has a smooth application and doesn’t dry out my lips like other matte formulas do (it says it’s a cream lipstick). It also last pretty well throughout the day even with eating (however I try to eat as carefully as I can when I have a bold lip because with my luck I’d smudge it down my chin). I also have this formula in the shade Cherry Skies, which is more red, and wear it occasionally.

Next, is Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Damned. I originally go this to wear for my sorority semi-formal my senior year of college but have loved it ever since. It definitely is a long-wear matte liquid lipstick which is great for going out and for days I just don’t have time to reapply regularly. It’s a very bold, dark berry shade which can be a little too much for some but I love it. Damn those who tell you you can’t wear colors like this all the time!

Another NYX favorite of mine is the Lip Lingerie in Embellishment. I know this is a cult favorite and that’s why I originally purchased it in a few colors. This shade for is a subdued way to get color without fully going nude. I’m not huge on nude lips because they tend to wash me out but this is just enough color to make me happy.

And, lastly, Too Faced’s Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Queen B. I love this color and it falls between pink and purple for me. It’s nice, just like the Lip Lingerie, because the shade is something I can wear daily without getting tons of comments but also gives me just enough color. My only qualm with it is that it does smear when I eat or bump my face accidentally––but this shade it’s not as noticeable. I also have this formula in Drop Dead Red, a dark ox blood, and love it the same minus the smudging.

These lipsticks are some of my favorites out there and I wear them on a regular basis (my NYX Lip Lingerie is almost out *insert crying emoji*). For me they complete an outfit and honestly boost my confidence so much. And, if you know me, I’m always looking for ways to boost my confidence.

Now, to end this, let’s all say this mantra together:

My body is mine. The skin I’m in is mine. I choose what I put on my body or don’t put on my body.

Society doesn’t dictate what I can or cannot wear.

My skin is mine and I can wear whatever I please.

So, what are your favorite lipsticks? What shades/formulas do you prefer? I’d love to try some of your favorites!

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