My October Mood Board

October is here and I am living my best life right now.

The weather is cooling down (for the most part here in South Carolina) and I can fully embrace my fall, witchy vibes and some of my favorite things. Dark lipstick. Black cats. Pumpkins. Apples. And, all things Halloween.

Honestly I’d like to keep these vibes all year long but for some reason I feel like I can’t because it doesn’t fit with the season. But, it’s very me so I think I’ll be keeping it around a little longer this year.

My goals for this month are to:

  • Produce even more content and embrace my vibe while doing it
  • Pass my video editing class for work
  • Make my health (both mental and physical) a continuous priority
  • Create a better, workable budget
  • And, plan more for our wedding.

So, sisters, what vibes are you feeling this month? And what content do you want to see to help your vibes thrive?

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