Where is The Wish Sister?

Hi, yes, it’s me. I haven’t been super active lately because, honestly, I’ve been having a really hard time.

I fell into the comparison trap yet again and have been having some really heavy doubts about my work. My self talk hasn’t been positive in the slightest and my routines have completely gone out the window. I’ve been working more, taking care of myself less and not been happy.

If you saw my last post you’re probably thinking, “but Marissa, I thought taking care of yourself was one of your goals for the month?”

Well, it was. And I haven’t been.

So what have I been doing?

Gorging on Criminal Minds and The Great British Baking Show, not going to the gym, sleeping too late, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram wondering why my photos don’t look as good as others and talking negatively every time I look in a mirror. I haven’t been happy and I think for the most part I’ve spent this month on the brink of tears.


I have no idea. I don’t know why this happens or why these seasons come around. But, I do know that there is something better at the end of it. Season change and I’m finally starting to feel like myself again.

So, today I wanted to pop on here and tell you this. Things get better. They always do. Some seasons in our life last longer than others but eventually we come out on top. I believe this to be true full heartedly, sisters.

And if you’re in one of those long seasons of struggle, know you’re not alone.

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